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Shortage of skilled and unskilled workers. 

Europe is currently experiencing an increasing shortage of skilled and unskilled workers in every sector from healthcare through to production and fast-moving consumer goods. Specifically, Western Europe is becoming increasingly reliant on Central and Eastern European candidates for workforce solutions.

How do you make the best decision for your company when you have to consider language barriers, qualification translations and long-term solutions for your employees? Allow us to make tailor made solutions in the best interest of your company.

Our experts have an understanding of the equivalent certificates when it comes to specific machine operating licenses, construction qualifications and much more. For your company or agency, this means that when we consider a candidate to be ‘qualified’ for your vacancy, they will have the correct experience, certificates and qualifications.

Decisions based on data

Praca.Work is a modern, data driven company and we strive to achieve consistent and reliable results for our partners. When candidates arrive, there is no element of surprise. All candidates have profiles completed with accurate data and proof of any necessary documents before they are matched to your vacancies. Until a candidate is entirely verified, they can not be matched to a vacancy.

Efficient business model

With a career’s worth of knowledge in digital marketing, e-commerce and data-based companies; combined with spending the best part of the last decade working in the recruitment and employability market, we have developed a unique stack of skills that are complementary to the platform we have built.

Highly targeted and focalised marketing campaigns, an omni-channel approach to communications and a focus on collecting accurate data means that we can offer qualified candidates to companies at rates that most local agencies are incapable of achieving.

Serving agencies and companies

Praca.Work is not a recruitment agency. We are a data company who serve companies and agencies by ensuring a quality choice of candidates who are ready to be recruited.

When we work with companies we ensure qualifications, certificates and work experience are valid before we introduce them to you. Our candidates will have already been contacted multiple times through SMS or email, a phone call and a video conference. This way, we ensure that candidates are motivated and suitable.

When we work with agencies we ensure data and make a pre-selection of candidates who we consider to be suitable for your vacancies based on proof of work experience, qualifications and certifications; before placing them into a talent pool so that your team of recruiters can proceed with recruiting these candidates.

Empowering candidates

Another factor that makes our platform unique is the way in which we empower our candidates:

  • We ensure that our candidates are up-to-date with changing employment law
  • We help candidates grow within their sector by suggesting qualifications and certificates they can obtain in order to give themselves better career prospects
  • Helping our candidates translate their qualifications to the country in which they wish to work

Global pandemic

In a time of increasing uncertainty and turbulent working conditions, one thing is clear. Companies who are agile, efficient and work together are the companies who will survive and prosper.

Our platform is designed to be ‘pick, plug and play’. One phone call and simple on-boarding process and your company or agency is ready to start receiving candidates on the same day.

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